Notes on screen resolution

If you find tampering with your computer settings a bit daunting, read this.
The Skyweaver site was designed for 800 X 600 resolution and you will
notice that if you have a different setting on your display then the text will
be layed out haphazardly. To set your monitor to 800 X 600 do this:

From your desktop double-click "my computer", then "control panel", then
"display", then "settings". You will then see a slider bar which lets you alter
your screen resolution. Note what it's set to, then slide it to 800 X 600 and
select the apply button. As you backtrack out to your desktop you will be asked
to confirm your setting. Select O.K./ Yes. You should then notice everything on your
screen is smaller but much clearer.Go back to Skyweaver and see the changes.

I have my monitor set to 800 X 600 all the time which gives much clearer graphics,
however, the DVD player will only play with a 480 X 680 setting. To set your monitor
back to it's original setting, just follow the above and move the slider to it's original position.