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The Avionic Handbook (2001) NEW

Note (Chapters below are 800Kb to 5Mb download size)

Section I: Elements
      Chapter 1: AS 15531/MIL-STD-1553B Digital Time Division Command/Response Multiplex Data Bus
      Chapter 2: ARINC 429
      Chapter 3: Commercial Standard Digital Bus
      Chapter 4: Head-Up Displays
      Chapter 5: Head-Mounted Displays
      Chapter 6: Display Devices: RSD© (Retinal Scanning Display)
      Chapter 7: Night Vision Goggles
      Chapter 8: Speech Recognition and Synthesis
      Chapter 9: Human Factors Engineering and Flight Deck Design
      Chapter 10: Batteries

Section II: Functions
      Chapter 11: Boeing B-777: Fly-By-Wire Flight Controls
      Chapter 12: Electrical Flight Controls, From Airbus A320/330/340 to Future Military Transport Aircraft: A Family of Fault-Tolerant Systems
      Chapter 13: Navigation Systems
      Chapter 14: Navigation and Tracking
      Chapter 15: Flight Management Systems
      Chapter 16: Synthetic Vision
      Chapter 17: Enhanced Situation Awareness
      Chapter 18: TCAS II

Section III: Requirements, Design Analysis, Validation, and Certification
      Chapter 19: Setting Requirements
      Chapter 20: Digital Avionics Modelling and Simulation
      Chapter 21: Formal Methods
      Chapter 22: Electronic Hardware Reliability
      Chapter 23: Certification of Civil Avionics
      Chapter 24: Processes for Engineering a System
      Chapter 25: Electromagnetic Environment (EME)

Section IV: Software
      Chapter 26: Ada
      Chapter 27: RTCA DO-178B/EUROCAE ED-12B

Section V: Implementation
      Chapter 28: Fault-Tolerant Avionics
      Chapter 29: Boeing B-777
      Chapter 30: New Avionics Systems - Airbus A330/340
      Chapter 31: McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Avionics System
      Chapter 32: Lockheed F-22 Raptor
      Chapter 33: Advanced Distributed Architectures


The Radar Handbook (1990) NEW

Note (Chapters below are scanned images 800Kb to 2.1 Mb download size)

 Preface and Contents
      Chapter 1: An Introduction to Radar
      Chapter 2: Prediction of Radar Range
      Chapter 3: Receivers
      Chapter 4: Transmitters
      Chapter 5: Solid-State Transmitters
      Chapter 6: Reflector Antennas
      Chapter 7: Phased Array Antennas
      Chapter 8: Automatic Detection, Tracking, and Sensor Integration
      Chapter 9: Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
      Chapter 10: Pulse Compression Radar
      Chapter 11: Radar Cross Section
      Chapter 12: Ground Echo
      Chapter 13: Sea Clutter
      Chapter 14: CW and FM Radar
      Chapter 15: MTI Radar
      Chapter 16: Airborne MTI
      Chapter 17: Pulse Doppler Radar
      Chapter 18: Tracking Radar
      Chapter 19: Radar Guidance of Missiles
      Chapter 20: Height Finding and 3D Radar
      Chapter 21: Synthetic Aperture Radar
      Chapter 22: Space-Based radar Systems and Technology
      Chapter 23: Meteorological Radar
      Chapter 24: HF Over-the-Horizon Radar
      Chapter 25: Bistatic Radar








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